Jessica and Guru have puppies !
We had an adorable litter born here at Swan Crest on February 12 2019, our Valentine 5 boys!
1 white boy with chocolate markings
1 black boy with elegant white Irish markings on his face, chest, feet, tummy
3 boys mostly white with black markings.
Both parents are American Show Champions but born in Europe. Jessica was born in Belgium (Von Goralenhoff kennel)
out of Jasminka that visited USA years ago and participated in National Specialty and Kapu who resides in Finland.
Jessica has great temperament and conformation, has been successfully shown even in Poland at Euro Dog Show 2018 in Warsaw!
By a Junior Handler - Luke Waters.
Guru aka Grzeczny Dziechcinek is visiting USA from Poland and is an American Show Champion
and a Polish Jr Champion as well as a great companion.
He was awarded title of Best Stud Dog of National Pon Club,
Award of Merit at Westminster Kennel Club and Award of Merit at Royal Canin National Championship.
Ch. Grzeczny Dziechcinek "Guru"
Ch. Polska Dumna Panienka van Het Goralenhoff "Jessica"
Jessica with her 5 sons
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